Women with a Career Break

Women, on account of their resposibilities at home and office, need to play Multiple Roles - all very demanding. Work-life Balance is a critical factor in their Career Decisions. They also might need to take a break from work for a few years to address the maternity, parent's health or other domestic challenges. Restarting a Career after such break, pose many challenges.

Are you going through any of the following:

  • Returning to work after marriage?
  • Returning to work after maternity leave?
  • Starting your own business?
  • Adapting to a working mother lifestyle?
  • Searching for a career that will fit better with your circumstances?
Loratis can partner with you to address your concerns through its proven Career Management Framework to make your life Happy as well as Successful.

What is your biggest challenge as a homemaker/working mother?

What is stopping you from taking a step in that direction?

What is stopping you from taking a step in that direction?

Success begins, the moment a woman realises that there is a systematic method for her to Reclaim her own life and still be able to balance her personal life and work.

At Loratis, you keep complete confidentiality and offer open space to address what's going on in your life and how to improve it. It offers an opportunity to be heard. The best way to understand our process is to 'Experience it'.p>

Schedule your first meeting/ call with our expert. This preliminary meeting will get us to understand your academic/professional background, employment history (if any), and your career aspirations. Post this meeting, we will be able to suggest you further process and the exact fee, based on:
  • Job search tools

    In the Initial-phase of career, every move has to be planned in accordance with your passion, interests and strengths

  • Personal Branding

    You need to get into the right role & the right industry to create a professional brand for your-self before you move to the next-level

  • Ways to address your issues

    People at the middle-level need to consolidate their experience , and plan to move to the next-level with a thoughtful action-plan

  • Networking your way to a job

    You need t odevelop leadership as well as texhnical expertise in your field and set new performance standards to ake yourself eligible for the next-level

  • Career transistion strategies for you

    'How many years' and how much efforts you need to put to reach to the top, depend on how roburst was your action-plan in the initial years of your career

  • Trends and oppotunities in the job market

    One you get here, you need to 'change the game' or else you will be changed. The next level for you is bigger vision, bigger goals, extened organization with bigger geography and bigger wealth

If you want to gain sharper clarity over WHERE YOU ARE NOW, WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, and the keys to overcoming the obstacles that have been keeping you from geeting there, then talk to our experts today!

Express your career challenges and concerns. During this exploratory meeting, we will understand you better and then work on your case to suggest an appropriate solution, process, timelines and fee.

Talk to our experts

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