First Job Aspirants

Since it is your First Step towards the Journey of 30 Years of Professional Life and a Foundation of Your Career, pause and ponder over a few questions.

Are you aware of the Role in which you will be able to do well and progress? E.g. if you are with a Marketing Background, then will you be happy in Sales or Advertising or Product Management?

Does your Educational Background reflect your Interests & Passion? Meaning, if you are an Electronics Engineer or an Arts Graduate or an MBA in Marketing, do you fundamentally like these areas to work in as long-term career?

Do you know which Industry is best for you? E.g. If you are an MBA in HR then would you like to work in IT or FMCG or Banking Industry as a HR professional?

Plan for success at every stage of your Career!

Choose the Right Job that Matches Your Passion Right from Now, because if you don't get Success and Hapiness over next few years, then you may Loose your Competitiveness and Interest in the Job!

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