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When you are aspiring to get a job in an MNC or a reputed Indian company/organization you need not ignore the element of 'Competitiveness' and 'Quality' as every organization is looking out for the best; and as you know the difference between the Runner Up and Winner is very thin. Ultimately, the Winner gets the job offer.

Similarly, if you are aspiring to get an admission for an Undergraduate Degree or a Post-graduate Interview along with practice is a must. To enhance your Skills program (say, MBA) preparation in its best form employability, we serve you through the entire cycle making things easier for you to achieve what you deserve.

Interview Skill Training

The word 'Interview' comes from the French word 'Entrevoir' meaning 'glimpse'. There are many situations in our life from KG to PG and matrimonial to job-related. One thing in common to all is that 'preparation makes a substantial difference'. Even a highly experienced or academically meritorious person has high probability of 'rejection' if he/she goes unprepared for an interview. Getting an interview call either for a job or for an admission to a degree course such as an MBA in today's competitive world is a big opportunity. At SetMyCareer we provide training for both types of interviews.

A. The Art & Science of Cracking your Dream Job

Getting it for the right role and from the right company is a bonus. Keeping in mind that all those eligible (who are called for an interview), are equally good; what will differentiate you from the rest to grab that oppurtunity? Answer for every expected question needs to be prepared to create an impact by presenting it in the prescribed time. Our program is designed after we study your CV and know the current level of communication skills.

This is a one-on-one personalized coachin wherein:
Different companies have different expectations and methods of interviewing, and every interviewer has a differnet style of interviewing. We'll help you research the company beforehand, identify appropraite interview attire and will provide you with a checklist of items to bring along with you to the interview. In addition, it will help you prepare to ask the right questions and practise answering the questions you are likely to be asked. Intervews are meant for exchange of information where the interviewer asks questions about your expertise, knowledge, skills etc, and you enquire about the job role, department, work culture etc.
After our training program, you will be able to achieve:
Confidence | Overpowering of nervousness and anxiety | Art of conversating | Understanding of the Interview Structure | Understanding of the purpose of the interview | Listening and Soft Skills | Salary Negotiation Skills | Better Communication Skills | Strategies to respond to surprises | Tactics to deal with difficult questions | Right Attitude & Body Language

1-week, 7 hours or 2-weeks, 12 hours

B. The Art & Science of Getting Admission to your Dream College/University

College admissions for different study programs, in India or abroad, may require you to attend interviews. However, even if your prospective college or university hasn't mentioned about an Interview, it is best if you consider preparing for it as your grades and test scores are not sufficient to get you into an institution, but your true ability and skills are often more imporatant than your grades. Interviews offer you an opportunity to make personal connections while you learn more about the institution and the study program. We thoroughly prepare you step-by-step so that you crack your admission interview.

1-week, 7 hours or 2-weeks, 12 hours

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Professional CV Writing

It is always tempting to copy somebody's Resume (expecially because we are not ready with ours most of the time), or request a friend to write one for you. But these are the last things you should really do. Think avout it. Is your friend really you? Does your friend possess the expertise to design your Resume specifically to highlight your true talent and potential? And, most imporatantly, how can you be sure that your friend's Resume is itself correct one? Your resume capture your uniquenes and brings out the best in you. It's your marketing document that highlights your personality and expertise, focuses on your qualifications, key competencies, accomplishments and your contributions. A professional Resume highlghts you to the best of your abilities, achievements and skills in the context of contemporary recruitment practises and specific job requirements. It involves showcasing your real strenghts so that you stand out from the crowd of 'me too' Resumes.

If you want to gain sharper clarity over WHERE YOU ARE NOW, WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, and the keys to overcoming the obstacles that have been keeping you from geeting there, then talk to our experts today!

Express your career challenges and concerns. During this exploratory meeting, we will understand you better and then work on your case to suggest an appropriate solution, process, timelines and fee.

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