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Industry values the magic of performance, and it doesn't come with hardwork alone. You need to work hard in the direction of your passion. Whether it is higher education or job, choose the options that will bring out the passionate expert in you.

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How does our program help?

Career counselling is nothing but understanding ourselves to choose the right career options. Our world-class psychometric assessments will identify the uniqueness of your talent & passion. Further, our certified counselor will interpret the reports to empower you with your possibilities. This finally helps you in making the right career choices throughout your life.

Career Guidance packages

UG - PG Students

Package 1

Complete Career Report

Recommended Career Options

Career Outline Documents

College Info

Counselling Session

Package 2

Complete Career Report

Recommended Career Options

Career Outline Documents

College Info

1 Counselling Session of 45-min


Package 3

Complete Career Report

Recommended Career Options

Career Outline Documents

College Info

2 Counselling Sessions of 45-min each


Package 4

Complete Career Report

Recommended Career Options

Career Outline Documents

College Info

2 Counselling Sessions of
45-min each with Dr. Rathi


Package 5

Complete Career Report

Recommended Career Options

Career Outline Documents

College Info

Half day with Dr. Rathi
4 hours at your preferred location

Pre-guidance Consultation

Want to consult our experts before choosing a package? Talk to our Career Navigator (counsellor) along with the parents either on phone, video or face-to-face. Our Navigator will try to understand you, your career concerns and questions. Also, the parents’ expectations. The Counsellor will then suggest the right service for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your career guidance process for a student studying in graduation or just completed the graduation?

Our process involves understanding you with a 360-degree perspective before recommending you the right career options. We gather data on your hobbies; interests, academic background etc. qualitatively, and assess your talent and passion through international level psychometric assessments (online tests). This is followed by video-based or face to face discussion with our expert. At the end, you get a career report with a recommendation report.

How much time the career guidance process takes?

The total time expected from your end is 3 or 4 hours. There will be a set of career tests with duration of approximately 100 minutes which you need to complete from your home on computer. The next step is a counselling session with duration of 45-60 minutes with our expert over video or face to face. For some students, an additional session of similar duration is required depending upon the complexity of the case. The whole process can be finished within 3-4 days.

Can I get the career guidance without psychometric assessments (career tests)?

No. In order to recommend the right career path without any doubt, we need authentic data on your talent, behavior and interest. This is generated through our international level psychometric tests. Career guidance without such tests becomes ‘career advice’ which may be subjective and judgmental

I am doing very well in my graduate degree. In what way career guidance helps me?

We see such cases as very positive and high potential. Since you are enjoying the chosen degree subjects, your academic path seems right. Our career guidance process will help you with an appropriate specialization in higher education, or right kind of job in the right kind of industry to work in. This will get you faster career growth.

After getting recommendations from you, what if my parents do not agree the same?

Our recommendations will be based on your talent and your area of interest. This is where you will grow and will be happy in the long term. You need to explain this to your parents with appropriate reasoning and data. If they still do not agree, you may schedule an additional session in the presence of you and your parents on video or face to face with our expert. We will understand their point of view and explain them what is right for you.

I am an Engineering Graduate. Should I pursue M. Tech. / MS or MBA.?

If your engineering degree is in the right discipline, you do not need higher technical qualifications to do related jobs in the industry. You may acquire more experience to build your foundation. Higher study is recommended if you are extremely academic and research oriented. However, if you have not enjoyed your degree course, then we need to look at your long term career and suggest you right post graduate studies, not limited to M.B.A.

I graduated a few years back and have no work experience. In the meantime, I got married and lost touch with the subjects. Can you suggest me some courses to restart my career?

Since you are restarting your career afresh, you need to look at the long term success and satisfaction in career along with good work life balance. We need to understand whether your degree is in sync with your job interest. If so, then we may suggest you appropriate courses. If not, then we need to suggest a transition to another career.

I am a B.Com. Graduate. Can you help me decide whether CA / MBA / CFA is right for me?

Yes, Certainly. If you have enjoyed your B.Com course, then one of the above might be right for you. Please note that CA/CFA is not the right option for all B. Coms’. However, we will get into more specifics to understand MBA specialization as well as other courses such as MA (Economics).

I am currently studying my Engineering with a few backlogs. Now I feel that I am not interested in engineering at all. I want to drop engineering and join some other course. Will you be able to help me?

We are sorry to hear this, and advise you to choose the right long-term career path this time. Our process will identify the type of courses and kind of work that you will enjoy and become successful.

I am a graduate and I want to study Masters abroad. Will you be able to guide me?

Yes, for sure. The bigger question is not studying abroad, rather what to study, that will help you build a solid career. We will identify the right academic and professional career path for you, so that your time, effort and money is justified.

I am from an Engineering background. I want to work in the Cinema and Media industry. How can you help me in this regard?

Your interest looks very different from your graduate degree. But it is good that you realized that your unique passion. Before getting into such creativity- based career, you should understand other factors that are required to make a mark in this kind of work. We will help you figure out what kind of work will fit you the best in such areas.

I am a graduate and I want to become an IAS officer. I could not clear the mains after many attempts. How can you help me in planning my career?

Our process will assess your fitment and potential for civil services so that you either drop this option or continue the same with an alternative plan.

Along with career counselling will you assist in placements also?

Unfortunately, we do not offer placement services, however we can assist you with a professional CV, interview skills and job search guidance.

Do you help one to become an entrepreneur?

Yes, we do. With our scientific approach, we will understand your entrepreneurial capabilities and the domain of industry. Based on this, we can help you with preparing a business plan and running a pilot project.

Is it possible for you to guide which job will be suitable / right for me?

Yes, of course. We will assess and discuss about your talent and passion to figure out right industry and right role that you will be successful and happy in.

I completed my B.Com. / B.B.A. My family has a traditional business. Should I join the same now or pursue an M.B.A.?

Once we understand you better through our scientific process, we will understand your potential for business or for job-oriented careers. We also need to look into the type of family business and its scope to give you a long-term career path.

Isn't your personality different from rest?

Don't you posses unique type of talents?

Aren't your interests unique?

Aren't you faster in certain activities than others?

Don't you have diferent likes and dislikes?

Then... how can you decide your career based on advice of others or based on where the salaries are more?

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