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Career counselling & guidance primarily revolves around but knowing ourselves to pursue the best career opportunities. To provide optimum results in career development, our world-class psychometric assessments recognize the significance of your talent and passion. Additionally, our trained psychologists provide you career advice and evaluate the reports and embolden you with your capabilities. This will finally help you make the best career decisions in your life.

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Founder & Chief Career Navigator, Loratis SetMyCareer

While addressing career development, we specialize in scientifically linking connections, considering candidate's appraisal data, personal aspirations, passions and ambitions. To provide the most suitable career plan, we have a comprehensive and systematic methodology in pairing the best career path to the candidate, through a combination of insightful knowledge and quantifiable evaluation.

As a team of career experts, we provide career guidance through a systematic approach to bestow you with the right tools to optimise your career advancement. Through a variation of factors such as aptitude, personality and interest, we are decisively mapping the right career path and presenting a path to the achievement of the client's career goals; without significantly impacting his/her happiness. In career management we incorporate the appraisal results, personal aspirations, passions and ambitions, in correlation to the choices of career options we present you with.

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World-class Psychometric Tools

Founder & Chief Career Navigator, Loratis SetMyCareer

We have collaborated with the most exceptional psychometric tools accessible to corporations based in the USA, Canada and Europe to provide optimum career guidance. These tools have spanned more than decades of research and authentication to amplify career advancement in various fields and is now adopted by millions across the globe.

The corporations that use these tools are PepsiCo, Mercedes Benz, Accenture, Nestle, London School of Business, Sodexo, Manpower, NASA, J. P. Morgan, US Army and Chrysler, to list a few. Senior executives are enlisted through these career development tools. Making us India's Best Rated and Best Reviewed Career Counseling and Guidance Company.

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